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   You could find our Green Oasis marble products such as blocks, slabs, tiles and mosaics in this page.

   Natural stones, marbles, and travertines have their own colour palettes, textures, and shades by their nature. It has several reasons both because of natural and humanmade. The first one is because of the differences between the veins. The same stone could show some differences when it comes to different stone veins. Even they are extracted from the same quarry. The second one is the humanmade. Our production team is very aware of the first reason. When they are making the selections, they are mixing the stones according to colours, textures, and shades of the material.

     For these reasons,  the look of natural stone products change by the time because of their nature of the stone. We cannot rule out the effect of environmental factors also. It comes to the ear like it is negativity when you heard it first. However,  it is exactly the opposite. Those are what makes these products unique, outstanding, and priceless.