factory is a large building where machines are used to make large quantities of goods. The natural stone production process starts at the quarry. Natural stone is extracted from the quarry wall in large blocks. The producer, the Master of Marbles, then divides these blocks up into slabs, tiles or mosaics according to the occasion. Today, the most common method to quarry the dimension stone is by cutting out the primary blocks with a wire gang saw. Later the primary block is loosened from the quarry, it can divided into smaller blocks. When the miners shapes the blocks properly, they transport them to the nearest factory. Blocks to be sold must be uniform in color and structure and without stained areas. To make slabs, we cut the blocks in sizes, usually using the sawing machine. After sawing the stones, its surface can be finished. We apply polishing heads. These start very coarse, and then move to finer and finer grit abrasives until high gloss polished surface is achieved. For tiles, the slabs cut in sizes, and for mosaics, the tiles cut in sizes and shapes by cutting and calibration machines.